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I'm a linux lover and a I write most of my articles about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Here are some of the articles I've written :

5 Linux Games To Try in 2011

5 Useful Linux Commands for Complete Newbies

Distraction-free web browsing in 3 easy steps

11 Killer Features That Make Ubuntu 11.04 Worth the Wait


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    Ubuntu 13.10 : 8 Solid Reasons to Upgrade

    14 months ago

    Why Upgrade? What's new after all? Those are the main questions that have been lurking around in every Ubuntuer's mind. That's why we have for you 8 solid reasons to upgrade from Ubuntu 13.04 to Saucy

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    11 Killer Features That Make Ubuntu 11.04 Worth the Wait

    19 months ago

    Ubuntu 11.04 dubbed Natty Narwhal will bring some major changes to the traditional Ubuntu desktop. As the conventional desktop gets a major overhaul, the spanking new Unity interface is busy preparing itself to replace...

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    Linux vs Other Operating Systems : 7 common myths busted

    11 months ago

    When it comes to operating systems people have always looked up to Windows and Mac OS X as the front-runners of the OS battle. However, due to recent efforts of the ever-growing Linux community, this scenario has...

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    What is Comic Sans and why you shouldn't be using it.

    4 years ago

    Comic Sans, a font inspired by the lettering style in comic books has gained a lot of attention lately; that too, for all the wrong reasons. Many sites are urging for a ban on the font calling it ugly and childish. In...

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    5 Useful Linux Commands for Complete Newbies

    14 months ago

    You've just installed Ubuntu on your computer and want to show off your geeky side to your newbie friends? Or maybe you want to do more with the oh-so-powerful beast called Linux yet not mess up your computer.Here are 5...

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